Chris Brown is often minding his own business but being a celebrity and all, it's not uncommon for his name to randomly turn into a trending topic. And in recent times, it seems like little has needed to be done on his end for people to find a way to get under his skin. Yesterday, it was due to a viral tweet that compared Breezy to Sixers star Ben Simmons. Unfortunately, it wasn't a complimenting comparison. A fan pretty much stated that Breezy's been stagnant in his career.

"Y'all pussy ass n***as gone stop playing wit me like I ain't better than any n***as u can possible think of... BASKETBALL A TEAM sport," he said. "You fuck ass lil n***as better watch sport center because you'll lose count watching my paper," he added. The singer was evidently tired of people trying to smear both his name and his legacy.

It's a common sentiment among the #TeamBreezy base. R&B singer Tank seemingly identifies within Chris Brown's fanbase and leaped to the singer's defense following the comparison to Ben Simmons. "Sometimes people fall out of love with greatness because they get so used to it. Having hit records EVERY year is a progression that MOST have not achieved! What you fail to realize is that CHRIS BROWN IS THE PROGRESSION," Tank wrote. "He's who they all want to be and be like." Chris Brown later took the comment and reposted it to his Instagram Story to further drive his point home. 

Breezy's been in the game since he was a teenager and he continues to see massive success in his career. The singer's collaboration with Young Thug "Go Crazy" was recently announced the #1 song on US Radio.