With so much drama, aggression, and infidelity transpiring throughout the hip-hop community, it's always nice to see the occasional "feel-good" story emerge. Today, Tammy Rivera has provided the daily dose of positive energy, thanks to her latest Instagram post. The Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta star and rapper Waka Flocka have been one of the games most sturdy couples, since their marriage in 2014. And while Waka and Tammy have yet to have any biological children, the rapper has helped raise Tammy's daughter Charlie as if she were his own. In a sentimental and heartfelt post, Tammy voiced her love of Flocka, praising his dedication and commitment to fatherhood.

"When he love your child more than he Love’s you," writes Tammy, alongside a photograph of Waka's Charlie tattoo. "that’s when you know it’s real! 💞 stepfather would be an insult." You've gotta respect Waka Flocka for this, even if you aren't a fan of his music. It goes to show that in the end, love truly can conquer all. Clearly, Rivera views Flocka as Charlie's true father, and if he can continue to provide a sense balance and love to the young girl, that's as fair a label as any.