According to Vibe magazine, Samaria Rice, the mother of twelve-year-old police shooting victim Tamir Rice, has partnered with Blue Angel Entertainment and Nonara production to turn the story of Tamir's untimely death into a motion picture titled 12: The Tamir Rice Story.

The 12-year-old boy was killed by a Cleveland police officer named Timothy Loehmann after he and another officer, Frank Garmback, confronted the boy at a local park. The officers pursued Rice after receiving a call about a black male "keeps pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people," and are said to have been under the impression Rice was carrying a firearm. Loehmann proceeded to shot Rice to death within seconds of arriving at the park. Rice was later found to be carrying a toy gun. 

The movie's script will be written by Samaria Rice and Blue Angel's CEO Korstiaan Vandiver. In a statement, Vandiver said, “We are just as honored to have the opportunity to bring this story to life and we are all very excited to start this journey together. Tamir’s narrative is so timely and yet so long overdue.” Rice's mother added, "I’m honored and very grateful to [Korstiaan and Danielle] for believing in me and this legacy for Tamir."  Vandver, producer Lionel Ntasano, and Rice's mother will maintain exclusive rights to the story. 

A release date for 12: The Tamir Rice Story has yet to be confirmed.