Beyonce fans aren't the ones to play with. If you've ever decided to say anything slanderous towards the Queen, you'll probably find mentions being flooded with angry fans. However, in the case of Tamara Mowry, they came for her after she admitted she was hit by Jay-Z's charm when they first crossed paths. Although she admitted they met way before Jay was with Beyonce, bee emojis filled her comment sections on Instagram. Now, she has broken her silence on the backlash, saying she was caught off guard by the reaction.

"I think in the beginning, I was aloof,” she told Us Weekly at the NAACP Image Awards. “I was like, ‘What’s going on?'” She added.  “I try not to look at that stuff. If it’s negative, I don’t like to make an agreement with it, and what I mean by that is making an agreement with my spirit, with my soul, because I’m a very positive person. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. So, I’m focusing on that. Yeah, I was just [like], ‘What the hell is going on?'”

Ultimately, she didn't think to tell the tale would've caused such outrage. "What’s so funny is that I never thought it was going to be a big deal,” she said. “All I did was ask for gum and thought he was pretty cool. That’s it.”

Jay-Z and Beyonce were both at the NAACP Image Awards this weekend where HOV was honored with the President's Award. When Tamara was asked what she'd do if she ran into him again, she said, " “If I see him tonight, I’ll ask him for more gum,” she laughed. “But I’ll ask Beyoncé for gum too. She’s with him now!”