Tamar Braxton was rushed to the hospital just over ten days ago, after reportedly attempting to commit suicide. Braxton was found unconscious with a surplus of pills and alcohol in her system. Her boyfriend, David Adefeso, was the one who found her at her Ritz Carlton hotel room and called 911.

Braxton's emotional turmoil appeared to be due to WeTV. Braxton has a new reality TV series with the network, Get Ya Life!, and apparently Braxton was upset with her family's portrayal in the show. Prior to her alleged suicide attempt, Braxton fired off a letter to WeTV, writing, "I am a slave. I do not own my life. My stories. My pictures. My thoughts or beliefs. I've asked my massa to free me. I'm threatened and punished for it. The only way I see out is death. I will choose that before I continue to love like this.please help me."

Now, it appears the network is delaying the release of the show from it's scheduled July 30 premiere to September. "At this moment we are joining with her fans and sending strength and healing in the hope that she is getting the support and help she needs at this difficult time," the network said in a statement.

The show will now premiere on September 10.

Tamar Braxton was reported to be alert and responsive following her hospitalization, and we're wishing her a speedy and peaceful recovery.

View WeTV's full statement below.