The Braxton Family is always pretty newsworthy. There is always something spicy going on in their lives, which is usually detailed on their reality show. Just last week, months after it appeared as though Birdman and Toni Braxton had broken up, Toni circled back and put everybody in check, denying that they had ever parted ways. With that relationship intact, Tamar Braxton decided to pick up a boo of her own, showing him off on the red carpet the other day.

Out of nowhere, Tamar unveiled her main squeeze to the world last week, posting a photo with him to her social media pages and watching the madness ensue. She didn't say much, other than the inclusions of a tongue emoji and a water emoji. During a recent interview with People, she said that her family approves of her new man, revealing that he's a little unsure of how to process his newfound fame. "The red carpet was a hard thing for me," said the entertainer of their journey onto his first carpet. "He came straight from work and I was like 'Where is your red carpet look?' He was like, 'What are you talking about, this is what I'm wearing.' But he's definitely adjusting but he's not like a television person."

Tamar says that her new man likely won't make too many appearances on the family's show for the time being.