At around 7 or 8 pm Tuesday night, it's been reported that TV star and Grammy-nominated songstress Tamar Braxton's home was robbed. Fortunately, Braxton wasn’t home at the time, and the burglar only took a safe with them, leaving behind other items of value such as bags, clothes, and gaming consoles. Braxton promptly got on Instagram after the incident, divulging what happened to her followers, and sending a message to the perpetrator, alluding to the fact that she might know who they are, too.

In a screenshot of a late-night message in her Notes app, the post reads, "A few hours ago, this broken, bum ass man (one that I know) broke into my home and stole my safe only."

tamar braxton robbery

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

She continued, "I want you to know first hand that I’m not angry. You did not break me. You did not violate me. What your broken broke ass don’t realize [is] that God gave me that home and EVERY single thing in it during a pandemic, & also during the time when I was all of those things.

God personally put the pieces of my life back together again. So pumpkin, you did not steal from me. Those things you took, he will give back to me a million times fold!!! You took from God!!!"

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as more updates come out. Check out Tamar's original post below.