It looks like Tamar Braxton is calling foul on a recent report about her relationship with WeTV. Just yesterday (July 30), Tamar Braxton shared a series of tweets as she spoke about her recent health scare after she was hospitalized for an alleged suicide attempt. She was found on the floor of a hotel bathroom unresponsive by her boyfriend, David Adefeso, and yesterday, she broke her silence and spoke out about how WeTV aided in the decline of her mental state.

Tamar Braxton, WeTV, Mental Health
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

Today, Variety shared an exclusive report that WeTV, the network that hosts Braxton Family Values, has decided to end their relationship with the singer. The outlet didn't share the network's full statement but reported that they claimed they "will work with her representatives to honor her request to end all future work for the network." However, it doesn't look like anyone sent Tamar Braxton the memo.

"LIES!! no one has talked to a lawyer, or to me, sent a flower or card, text to me or NAN!!!" Tamar reportedly wrote in a tweet. "THIS is the abuse and Lies I am talking about. This is not helping my mental state. They just won't stop until they see me out of my mind or dead." WeTV has yet to respond to this publicly.