Wendy Williams is clearly dealing with a lot right now and it seems as though her current state of controversy is proving who her real friends are. The talk show host and Tamar Braxton are friends, but according to the "Let Me Know" singer, she hasn't contacted her "friend" since she was admitted into rehab along with other issues surrounding her husband's alleged affair. 

Raymond Hall/GC Images

“I thought about it,” Tamar explained on Watch What Happens Live, when discussing whether or not she's reached out to Wendy. “I haven’t reached out to her because sometimes people need their space when they’re really, really going through things.” According to Tamar, the conflict that Wendy is going through is why she hasn't contacted her. 

“Her whole life is in the public eye, and you don’t know what’s really the truth, and what’s not the truth, and so you just, kind of, wait and let people come to you,” she added. “You might send a message like, ‘I’m here for you,’ but sometimes you don’t even want to hear that. You just, kind of, got to go through it and then reach out to people.”

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