The Braxton's are the lesser version of The Kardashian empire. Anyone who says otherwise is probably lagging behind on their PVR. Take this little revelation into consideration: Tamar Braxton is resorting to public channels to apologize to her own sister, even though a simple phone call sufficed. But the Braxton family's internal structure is wired a little differently. 

Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Initially, Tamar Braxton put her sister Trina on blast for revealing marriage plans during her birthday celebration. It seems as though, Tamar didn't like having the spotlight taken away from her, on the exceptional day (per year) where self-centric behavior is not only tolerated but celebrated, for divas and normal folks alike. Just as soon as Trina blew the horns on her engagement plans, Tamar threw a tantrum directed at her fiancee Von. Everything is packed together real tight in the following video rant.

Thankfully, cooler heads have prevailed within the Braxton clan, because Tamar has gone back on her edict by apologizing to sis, with the over the topness reserved for C-level Divas with A-level diction. Apparently, Tamar's initial frustrations were actually ill-conceived because the whole ordeal took place one whole day after the Braxton held a party in her honor.

In Tamar's mind, she was entitled to a bonus-run, limiting her to sole possession of the spotlight for another week or so. As a consequence of her actions, measures have been taken by the Braxton's to rewrite the family's constitution.