ScHoolboy Q recently sat down with DJs Clark Kent and Swhit at Invasion Radio and discussed his musical output, Habits & Contradictions and his 'Hands on the Wheel' single with A$AP Rocky, among other things. 

"I wish [Habits & Contradictions] would've did more… but it definitely put me in a place where I'm successful in life, I'm not done" he said. "I made a lot of money last year… but I was expecting this to happen - I was expecting to get some money off of it and get some fans."

This may sound a bit cocky, but Q's motivations are pure, fundamentally: 

"I've got a daughter - I can't be in the studio not knowing I'm not 'bout to win. She's four years old, so I basically just wasted four years of her life. Didn't bring her a dollar, didn't buy her a shoe… that's wasted time."

There's no doubt that he's been putting work in to make up for time wasted - he performed more than 200 shows last year. Unfortunately, there are downsides to this life, like the fact that his 'Hands on The Wheel' single has been forever ruined for him. He hates it now: 

"I had to perform that last [at every show] and I hate performing that last," he said. "Then when I come to New York, I hear it on the radio all the time... every rapper has a song that they hate - I don't care what you say."

Fair enough. When asked why we haven't heard much new music from him since Habits & Contradictions, his response was simple: 

"I'm tryna sell records… it comes a time where you've got to stop givin' out so much free music, 'cause if you give out so much free music, why would I buy your album when I just got three of your free albums?" he said. "We've haven't given out anything for free since 2009… but I ain't trippin' - you download it, go do what you do… I believe I have diehard fans that's gon' buy my album, that's just gonna go out there and not embarrass me, because if they embarrass me I ain't rappin' no more." 

Noted. Peep the full interview and listen to Schoolboy's latest single 'Yay Yay' below, and stay tuned for new information on his upcoming Oxymoron album.