King Los has released mixtape after mixtape, documenting his journey to 'Becoming King,' as he calls it, and increasing his fan-base with the release of each project. Although the rapper thinks that the journey to 'Becoming King' will be a lifelong one, he is persistent and relentless in his pursuit of it.

The Bad Boy rapper is prepping his Becoming King mixtape, which will be his first sinceThe Crown Ain't Safein 2011. Fans were obviously thirsty for new music from the rapper, and he satisfied them when he delivered his "Intro" track. 

The song is hard-hitting and fast-paced, with a modern twist, and Los sounds unrelenting on it. It was a track we had to know more about-- and so it's featured on Track Breakdown this week.

The unique production was tailor-made for Los by J. Oliver and Flight Sch., the former a frequent collaborator with the rapper, and the latter new to working with Los. Los obviously knew what he was doing though when he set these two up to work together-- the result is great.

We hit up both King Los and the two producers to talk about the making of "Becoming King Intro," and how it all came together, plus we got a detail or two about the mixtape itself. Read both sides of the story, directly from the source, by clicking through the images above. 

If you haven't heard the "Becoming King Intro" yet check it out below, and let us know what you thought of the single.