Weeks after Trinidad Jamesbashed New York's radio stations for not playing enough local artists, Brooklyn rap veteran Talib Kweli decided to back James' comments and say the same thing.

Not too long ago, Talib Kweli says he was under fire for sharing the same belief on Twitter that New York radio doesn’t always support local artists. The Brooklyn lyricist, who just launched his own radio station on Radionomy, further went on to explain that James’ comments were misunderstood and that he was unable to successfully make his point. Talib stated:

“I think that with the Trinidad James thing, more than anything, it was a misunderstanding. I think he was trying to make a point and he didn't quite make it successfully. I got in trouble on Twitter a little while ago for saying damn near the same point and I'm from New York. Trinidad James is right, when you listen to New York radio, New York radio does not support New York music. That's what he was speaking to.”

Shortly after Talib’s comments were printed, Hot 97’s program director, Ebro, took to twitter for some choice words for Talib. Ebro said that Kweli was “trolling” since he chose to make comments about New York radio days before the release of his Gravitas album, which is scheduled for a next week release.

Talib later addressed the phone conversation, which took place between Trinidad James and New York rapper Maino, who has remained vocal in his disapproval of James’ opinion on New York rap.

“Trinidad's my man and Maino's my man,” said Talib. “I heard their conversation. If Maino is correct in his interpretation of what Trinidad James said, then I get what he was saying. If people know Maino, they know that he doesn't just do New York music. Maino does music down South too.”