Although Kanye West's infamous interruption of Taylor Swift may have seemed like a one-off moment from the rapper, or a a side effect of his huge ego, it turns out, 'Ye has always been one to interrupt a show. In a recent interview with Talib Kweli, the rapper revealed that Yeezy used to interrupt his own shows, back when they toured together, pre-College Dropout.

While talking to Paul Cantor, Talib Kweli explained how when he would do shows Kanye would often jump on stage in the middle of Talib's performance, and demand to spit some bars.

"He would cut me off during my shows," Kweli revealed. "So when I see him do it to Taylor Swift, I’m like ‘Oh, that’s what he used to do to me. He literally would come on stage while I was rapping and stop the music and say, ‘Yo, I gotta kick this rhyme. And I would have to be like, ‘Yo, you can’t, this is my show.’ But that’s how passionate he is about the music."

Talib went on to discuss Kanye's perceived arrogance, and says that 'Ye was the same back in the day. "He’s done some things that have been looked at as arrogant, and I’m sure that he’s dealing with them," he said. "And he’s done some things that he’s apologized for. He also said George Bush don’t care about black people. He’s also done some revolutionary things. At the end of the day those positives and negatives are what make him the great artist that he is. And I can tell you from first hand experiences that he didn’t change… The way he is now, he was like that before the money and the fame. He was talking about he was the best producer; ‘I’m the best rapper,’ ‘I’m the best dresser.’ His attitude was exactly the same."

Check out the full interview with Talib Kweli here.