Rejoining Yaasin Bey (Mos Def) on stage for a couple performances and then hinting at a Black Star reunion album, Talib Kweli turned some heads in 2012.  He also dropped his Attack The Block mixtape, and geared up for his next solo LP, which was ultimately pushed back to 2013.  Now the New York spitta says he has a new release date for his next album.  He also talks about the frustration of being the “poster boy for underground rap”, and talks on the status of reuniting for more Black Star records.

Originally slated to drop November 15th, Kweli’s Prisoner Of Conscious will drop April 23rd, and will feature Kendrick Lamar, Busta Rhymes and Nelly, to name a few, and he hopes to break-free of his “conscious” rapper title, and just be viewed as a musician.  "With me it's like, 'Oh, he's a great lyricist,' but they don't focus on the music. I think it's because of how I've been sold and how I've been marketed as some sort of poster boy for underground rap,” the Brooklyn emcee said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

As far as a new album with Yaasin Bey, it seems that reports early this year were premature and the two are open to working together, and plan to in the future, but it is a matter of timing, especially with Bey’s acting schedule, "I would love to get back into it whenever he's ready."

[Update: Album Pushed Back Again]

Talib took to Twitter today to announce a new release date for Prisoner of Conscious, that being May 7. Apparently the delay is due to sample clearance issues. He dropped a promising glimpse of the project last week called "Come Here," featuring Miguel. Listen to it and read his tweets below: