Talib Kweli responded to Kanye West's latest criticism of the legendary rapper, which was leveled during the second part of his interview on Drink Champs. West and Kweli have been at odds regarding Ye's public support for former President Donald Trump.

On Drink Champs, West remarked: “I apologize, once again, to Kweli, I’m sorry I never fucked with your raps... Oh shit, I did just see that n***a! I totally forgot! Oh... I’m really gonna have to fight this man. It’s gonna be 12 n****s with fitted caps from 12 years ago chasing me.”

Talib Kweli, Kanye West
Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

In response, Kweli shared a rundown of what happened each of the last times the two hung out together with pictures spanning from last year to last month.

Of these include Kweli's birthday at Dave Chappelle's show, a private playing of his Black Star album, and more. Kweli detailed several of their conversations such as Ye allegedly admitting he is suffering from a drinking problem, that his support for Donald Trump stems from Rick Rubin, and more.

Kweli concludes: "The baseball hat jab is hilarious. The disrespect of my rhyme skills is subjective opinions. None of that matters to me. What does matter to me is truth and accountability. Kanye is an amazing artist but MAGA is terrorism. January 6th proved that. No amount of deflection changes that fact. "

Check out Kweli's full response below.