The ever divisive Iggy Azalea recently sat down with GQ for an extensive interview, in which she discussed a variety of topics ranging from white privilege to political music. Citing her desire to "make music for girls at the gym" as a reason for avoiding the political landscape, Iggy did manage to touch on the subject, sharing her thoughts on institutional racism. Looking back on her come-up in Australia, Iggy told the publication "I grew up in a situation that didn't involve any privilege and I worked really hard." It wasn't long before her comments were discovered by her old pal Talib Kweli, and you can probably guess where this one is heading.

The Black Star rapper took a break from sparring with white supremacists on Twitter to holla at Iggy on IG, essentially putting her on blast over the interview. Tagging her in the process, Talib teased a history lesson, writing "tell @thenewclassic abt aborigines and the struggle of ppl of color in Australia? #butsheaintracisttho ðŸ¤”." For those who have been following Talib, ya'll already know he has no patience for any of this, and one wonders if this will escalate any further. 

This isn't the first time Talib has called out Azalea. Back in 2016, he put her on blast over her defensive response to Macklemore's "White Privilege II," and the animosity has lingered ever since. Are we about to see a return of Professor Kweli?