Talib Kweli is a rapper who has been around long enough to see many trends in the rap game come and go. One of the newest trends to arrive is to reference the drug MDMA, aka molly, as much as possible. While talking to Hot 97's morning crew, Talib Kweli gave his opinion on this latest fad, explaining that every age of hip-hop had a drug that would be frequently referenced.

"I mean look, I came into hip-hop early '90s...the biggest acts of the day were Onyx, Das EFX, Cypress Hill, all of them were promoting heavy, heavy, heavy marijuana use. All of them. Every single popular hip-hop act," Talib Kweli said, "It's a fact that marijuana is far less dangerous than a chemical, like MDMA. But it's still drug use, recreational drug use. I don't feel like I'm in a position to judge this generation's drug use, because every generation has they drugs. Molly is definitely wack, if you on it, you messing up. That's just for me, who am I to judge a generational thing. All I can do, in the position I'm in, is make records that are not about molly. And focus on the people who are not doing it."

Talib also spoke on the possbility of Blackstar reunion, and where he and Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def are currently at. 

"Me and Mos Def were on tour last year, because we were together in a lot of spaces, we got some music done, we did a few songs, and we talked about this 'Aretha Franklin' mixtape. So we started a lot of music, but then once that tour ended, we got busy, a lot of things popped up."

The 20-minute long interview also discusses "Django Unchained," Kanye & Kim's baby and more. Check it out below.