Just a week ago, things weren't looking too good for the Migos. After the infamous Quavo and Saweetie elevator video surfaced on the internet, Hip-Hop fans were quick to call the three Atlanta rappers toxic, bringing up Offset's past infidelity as well as Takeoff's pending sexual assault case. Within the past 24 hours, however, Saweetie and Quavocleared up misconceptions about the elevator fight, chalking it up to an "unfortunate incident," and now, it is reported that more good news is in store for the Migos. According to TMZ, Takeoff's ongoing sexual assault case is finally over.    

According to TMZ, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office has decided to not move forward with prosecuting Takeoff for the sexual assault charges brought against him last year due to "insufficient evidence." While Takeoff is unlikely to make a public statement about the case, his lawyer, Drew Findling has reportedly spent several hours investigating himself and reaching the same conclusion as the prosecutors. 

In a statement to TMZ, Findling says, "The allegations were patently and provably false."

This major development comes roughly eight months after Takeoff vehemently denied the allegations brought against him, so the Migos rapper must surely feel a massive weight lifted off his shoulders. Now, he'll undoubtedly have more time and energy to work with Quavo and Offset on the highly anticipated forthcoming Migos album Culture III.