Takeoff Prepares For Contact With "Martian" Emirates

Takeoff -  Martian

  November 04, 2018 15:23
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Takeoff buries himself in Sci-Fi regalia.

While social media was abuzz projecting their own ideas as to how The Last Rocket came into existence, Takeoff quietly basked in his accomplishment. Solo Takeoff material is here for consumption, and while certain aspects of the album's creation remain inscrutable, there are no exaggerated claims that will do it justice. Even the notion that Takeoff is continuously overlooked loses its significance once you go into detail -- spend a little time with the record.

On "Martian," Takeoff preps us for the proceedings by literally re-enacting the "takeoff phase" of a rocket launching into space.

Frown all you want, but the pun hasn't grown old on me just yet. Takeoff demonstrates a willingness to show a humorous side that is barely recognizable from his regular disposition. In spite of the fact that he rarely smiles, he does play dress up with his bandmates (on video shoots), so there's little reason to start question his mannerisms.

Every group needs a member with a quirky sense of humor, like Takeoff. 

Quotable Lyrics:

I'm on, he on, we on, she on 
Whippin' the pot and I'm breakin' the wrist 
Two-tone the Patek, I two-tone the Cuban
I two-tone the whip with a two-tone bitch 
Shootin' that static, not likin' my n***a
They havin' you flexin'', but can't pay your rent.

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