Between Quavo's Ratatouille chain and Offset's Freakazoid piece, it seemed that Migos had reached the highest peaks of bling creativity. Leave it to Takeoff, the group's most criminally underrated member to set a new standard for flashy jewelry with chain that has its own gravitational pull.

Sweet Dreams

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Debuted on Instagram last month, Takeoff's new necklace features the sun, Earth, Saturn, Mars and the moon orbiting the circumference of his chain. Meanwhile, a YRN spaceship blasts off as the centerpiece. 

According to some details acquired by TMZ, the full piece is valued at about $500,000. It weighs a full kilo and features 200 karats of diamonds.

The piece was designed by Elliot Avianne, who is responsible for much of the Migos' flashy jewelry.

SweetDreams ✨

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Offset recently showed off his own collection on Instagram. Check it out here.