Despite being the youngest member of the Migos, Takeoff always manages to hold his own whenever he shows up on the track. Even though he may have been left off "Bad & Boujee," he's still an integral member of the group, and he deserves to be celebrated. 

Quality Control's CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas seems to agree, as he went out of his way to give Takeoff what might be the greatest birthday present he's ever received. In a video posted on Instagram yesterday, Pee leads an unsuspecting Takeoff outside, to show him his gift: a brand new Roll-Royce Wraith.

Takeoff doesn't seem to comprehend whats happening at first, though that may be partially due to the cup of lean he's holding in his hand. But his eyes light up when he sees the brand new car. Getting a luxury car from your record label is a pretty sweet gift, and the two of them take some time to exchange some words of affection for each other as well. 

Quality Control seems to be in the business of buying their artists cars for their birthdays. When fellow migo Quavo celebrated his 27th birthday back in April, the label also came through with a brand new Lamborghini for their artist. If wasn't already obvious from the label's music successes, but QC is definitely the label you want to be on nowadays.

The next member of the Migos to have a birthday is Offset, in December, so expect a video of him getting a brand new Ferrari around that time.