Of all the members of the Migos, Takeoff has easily been the most reserved of the bunch. Of course, his music has told a different story. We've been waiting for Takeoff to venture into the same territory as the rest of his group, performing features and releasing a few singles under his own name. It's been known that Takeoff is the most lyrical of the three, constantly impressing the masses when he spits on the trio's tracks. With the year the Migos are having, it's only right for Takeoff to get a little bit of shine as he's next in line for a debut solo album.

Quavo's Quavo Huncho arrived recently and with it, we received news of the upcoming solo efforts from Offset and Takeoff. Much was left a secret about Take's upcoming work but now we know that it will be released very soon. 

A listening party was held for a select number of people in Los Angeles yesterday and Billboard was present, letting everybody know what they can expect. The project will be titled The Last Rocket and will include at least ten tracks. According to the publication, it was announced that Rocket will be released on November 2, allowing fans a short waiting period before peering into the first glimpses of solo Takeoff. DJ Durel and Cassius Jay will be producers on the project with one of the standout tracks, "Infatuation," offering a retro feel with it.

We're excited to hear more about Takeoff's debut solo album, which is set to arrive soon. Offset is also expected to release a new album before the trio combines forces for Culture III at the beginning of next year.