KODE57 Kenji isn't a promotional code to get 15% off your next Seamless order, it's the name of a supercar. A $2.5 million supercar.

And if there's a $2.5 million whip on the market you just know that Floyd Mayweather is dying to get behind the wheel of it. In fact, he's already placed his order to buy the very first one which was just put on display for the public at an exclusive car show in Pebble Beach.

TMZ caught up with Obi Okeke, aka Floyd's car guy from DoctorBugatti.com and Liquidtorque.com, who confirmed Money Mayweather is about to be the first owner of the blazing red KODE57 Kenji.

"This is a car Floyd has been highly interested in and psyched about getting."

"I have been working on this project for 6 years and Floyd has been my main target in getting this car ... so he is pretty excited in finally seeing it and getting it."

If the $2.5 million price tag wasn't enough to draw Floyd in, the fact that they're only making FIVE of them certainly did the trick. As he said himself, he loves things that others can't have.

Take a more detailed look in the video below.