Blueface's new Benjamin Franklin ornament is something to behold. The Cali rapper didn't book his consultation in a Santa Cruz pawn shop. Nope, the latest addition to Blueface's personal jewel box was designed and chiseled down by the biggest name in the business: Alex Moss, the Creative Director for New York-based Avianne & Co.

It doesn't take a genius to figure why the founding father was chosen for the pendant, as Blueface's entire persona solely depends on the U.S.'s hundred dollar bill retaining its value. This is the closest look any one of us will get to the Benjie piece, considering its substantial value on the open market, if it was ever disassembled. The pendant and chain are made up of 7200 individual stones, all certified by Avianne's order of prestige.

To top it all off, Alex Moss suggested 46-carat diamonds to mark the occasion, each "weighing 355 grams of 14k gold," as the Avianne & Co. Instagram page went to describe alongside a video post identical to Alex Moss' from a day ago. While I'm not usually one to sit and compare hood ornaments, if Blueface wants to reward himself with an Avianne of this luster and shine, he must have done something of merit to draw the lead designer aboard his personal project.