A British star has made headlines after he claimed cyberbullying ran him off of TikTok. Taio Cruz recently joined the mega-platform like over 800 billion others who actively use the social media app, but he claimed his experience wasn't a positive one. The award-winning artist is celebrated globally so it seemed as if his fans would open him to TikTok with open arms. However, Taio Cruz shared on Twitter that being on TikTok led to him having "suicidal thoughts."

Taio Cruz, TikTok, suicidal Thoughts, Mental Health
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

"I am DEFINITELY NOT going back to TikTok anytime soon. My body was shaking and I had suicidal thoughts. I pride myself on being mentally resilient so the fact that I felt that way, shocked even me," Cruz wrote. "Some users posted hateful, mocking videos which spurred a feedback loop of negativity, where more and more people began to join in on the mockery and hate."

Taio Cruz added that his only intention was to make funny videos, but after his mental health became affected by the hateful messages, he's chosen to exclude himself from the app. "Social media shouldn't be like this. Sadly, it is," he concluded at the end of his post.