A tense moment was captured on camera during an episode of Marriage Bootcamp as, during a sit-down conversation, Vado lunged at Tahiry's throat.

In the video, Tahiry Jose is sitting next to her childhood friend and current "situationship" boyfriend Vado when his "hothead" temper comes up. Clearly, the rapper wasn't pleased about the conversation because he got up out of his seat and grabbed Tahiry by the shirt and throat.

"You lucky I don't hurt you, yo," says Vado as the host Dr. Ish walks him out of the room.

Tahiry has since responded to the clip going viral, noting that the incident was not staged.

"By now I know that most of you have seen the clip of tomorrow's episode of Marriage Bootcamp," she wrote on Instagram before diving into what happened. "First let me say that I’m devastated that this will be shown for the world to see, but I fully understand that I have chosen to live my life (good... bad... and ugly) in front of the camera. Let me be CLEAR for all the people that are saying that this was 'scripted' it is NOT! As a woman that has already suffered physical abuse at the hands of a man why would I ever want to relive that? There is no check big enough for me to EVER play like that!"

She goes on to ask for a moment of privacy so that she could figure out the best way to address what happened.

Send your positive thoughts to Tahiry. We're sure she could use them.