Taco Bell introduced their delicious $1 nacho fries earlier this year, motivating munchie lovers to flock to the fast-food chain. The limited time deal was supposed to end after just a few weeks, but the nacho fries were so popular that Taco Bell left them on the menu. After selling over $53 million orders of nacho fries, the fast-food chain has exhausted their resources. With little product left on the shelf, Taco Bell was forced to announce that the popular value menu item would be ending within the next week. 

Speaking with New York's Daily Newsa representative from Taco Bell stated,  “The fries’ departure comes at the end of an extension due to the success of the product launch back in January.” Translation: the product was so good that we sold out. According to BustleTaco Bell has sold about 9 million pounds of potatoes and 600,000 gallons of cheese sauce in connection with the nacho fries. 

Although the tasty snack will be gone in a week, Taco Bell will bring back the nacho fries this Summer. We suggest you get down to your local Taco Bell and stock up now.