The attempts to entice unvaccinated citizens to bite the bullet have expanded with yet another approach. Taco Bell now sits among the likes of Krispy Kreme’s free donut deal and Washington’s free pre-roll partnership for those that opt to get the vaccine.

Taco Bell showed public support for the vaccine with an announcement last week that on June 15, all customers who showed a vaccination card at a California location would receive a free Doritos Locos Taco.

Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images

CEO of the fast-food giant Mark Kingsaid stated, "It's been a tough year, and we are all ready to put COVID-19 behind us, we are thrilled to do our part and give back to our home state with something everyone knows and loves to celebrate those who have made the decision to get vaccinated."

In the Golden State, 70 percent of the population is vaccinated already. The Taco Bell promotion is part of a ‘Vax for the Win’ campaign aimed at convincing the remaining 30 percent to get the vaccine. California Chipotle locations also offered a similar deal on Wednesday, offering a free queso blanco in exchange for showing a vaccine card, but the food isn’t where it ends. ‘Vax for the Win’ is a full sweepstakes program with prizes as large as tickets to a Lakers Game or a vacation to Disneyland. 

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