TabiusTate "Kendrick Lamar (The Verb)" Video

Philip Cheek
March 29, 2014 20:57

Tabius Tate breaks down what "Kendrick Lamar" means, not the person, the verb, in his new music video.

According to the music video, Tabius Tate defines Kendrick Lamar as a verb by the following:

"1. To shake things up; change the status quo
 2. To take an industry by storm, especially the rap game."

Those are the words of Tabius, not ours, but we agree with the assessment, broadly. The song comes off the Tate's mix, This Ain't A Muthafuckin Mixtape. Don't let the title throw you, rest assured it -is- a mixtape, and a fairly solid one at that.

And check out the video, it has a little narrative in addition to the typical visuals of rappers doing what they do best. Keep a lookout for more Tabius releases in the future. 

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