Rapper T-Wayne found a nice slice of the viral fame pie with his single "Nasty Freestyle," however today he's in the news for all the wrong reasons. The rapper is being accused of raping a woman, and is reportedly under investigation.

TMZ reports that a 22-year old Dallas woman claims that she "met" T-Wayne on Instagram (i.e. he slid into her DMs or vice versa), and he flew her out to Houston in late July to visit with him. The woman says that they went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, and later returned to her hotel room. It was back in the hotel room where T-Wayne started aggressively coming after her for sex, attempting to guilt trip her into it, she claims. When she refused, he allegedly held her down and forced sex upon her.

The woman filed a police report and now the cops are investigating it. The woman waited five weeks to file the report, reportedly because she was in shock.

Chedda Da Connect has already responded to the news in an Instagram post, but he's since deleted the post. We'll keep you posted if T-Wayne responds.