Auto-tune was something of a taboo in rap, for some it may always be, but for the most part, it's been accepted as a common songwriting tool. As prevalent as it may be today, there was only one figure who can really be attributed with popularizing the effect, and that's T-Pain (sorry, Cher).

While Pain has been under-the-radar for some time, it seems that the level of respect for his craft has never been higher. This can likely be attributed to the visible DNA of the singer's repertoire on the new wave of artists, and the high level of nostalgia for his string of 00s hits. 

It seems Pain couldn't have picked a better time to release his new mixtape, The Iron Way, which drops March 27th, and in celebration of the auto-tune god's return, we've decided to look at his influence through five waves of rappers. Take a look through our gallery and trace the history of auto-tune over the last decade in rap.