T-Pain, a once-unstoppable hit maker, now finds his trusty Auto-Tune on the outs with most music fans, and his label doesn't appear to be willing to put out a long-in-the-works album entitled 'RevolveR.' So, T-Pain plans on leaking his own album.

"Since nobody wants to respect this form of art that you all say we "love" so much, I'm just gonna go ahead and start leakin the album myself tonight," he wrote on Twitter last night. "Well maybe I shouldn't rant but everybody was lookin at me strange when I said I didn't wanna drop my album, it's not that album sales weren't doin good for hip-hop and rnb, it just felt like no one respected "music" anymore."

T-Pain has been promoting the new album since last summer, and has aready released two singles -- 'Take Your Shirt Off' and 'Reverse Cowgirl.' In his rant, Pain goes on to announce that he has a toy microphone coming out in June before blasting hackers with an unseemly insult.

"To all the hackers and leakers thanks for showin interest in my music but I feel like I've been taken advantage of when I'm just tryin to let ppl know what's goin on with my music and then you audio highjack it for your own amusement," he continued. "I would have been happier if you would have just waited to get a better quality version of the song but it's cool its pretty much my fault anyways, so for the most part y'all can suck a fart out of a homeless mans ass."

T-Pain is following through, too. He has already begun to leak the record song-by-song via his Twitter.