It's been quite a while since T-Pain graced the Top 40 charts that used to seem like his second home, but the "Rappa-Ternt-Sanga" still thinks he's one of the most original artists the game has ever seen. In a recent interview on Montana's Zoo 107.5 FM, Teddy Pain was outspoken about a recent lack of interesting content in the R&B and Hip-Hop worlds.

Speaking with host Aaron Traylor, T-Pain said:

“At this point, I’m proud of myself and ready to show the world that they need me. I think the game needs me, they need original content.”

“I’ve always come out with something original and I don’t think anybody is doing that anymore,” he continued. “The game needs T-Pain and I’m the best to ever do this.”

While it's undeniable that the auto-tuned crooner was once the radio's hottest artist, it feels like he may have gotten a little full of himself. He did revolutionize the use of auto-tune, as is explained in our recent "Auto-Tune: Hip-Hop's Rejuvenation" feature, but once other artists figured out how easy it is to use the technology, T-Pain lost his monopoly on the sound. 

But he may have a point, as artists like Future and Ty Dolla $ign have taken the style T-Pain claims to have founded, and run with it. 

Is T-Pain wylin', or does he have a point? Listen to the full interview below.