T-Pain's been working hard over the past few months and getting his foot back in the music game. After a few years of being relatively silent, the singer came back in full force with his album Oblivion. Since then, he's been teasing and releasing new music whether they be remixes or original joints. More recently, the rapper and Sixx Mann joined forces with PETA for a new PSA to remind everyone to treat their pets like family.

PETA recently recruited T-Pain and Sixx Mann as the latest artists to help push their message forward. This time around, Pain and Sixx delivered a hilarious yet informative PSA about treating your pets like families. Pain jokes around about having to burn his outfit to avoid having his own dog get jealous of the one that's in the video.

"[P]ets are family and they should be treated as such,” says T-Pain. “I think the most important thing people should know [is to treat] your dog how you’d like to be treated. Your dog is going to love you as much as you love [him or her].”

Sixx Mann later adds, "Respect and attention will go a long way with anybody. … So you treat your animals like … you would treat your children.”

Aside from his latest PSA, T-Pain also dropped his recent T-Mix over Blac Youngsta's "Booty." 

Peep the commercial below.