T-Pain has mad love for strippers and even made a song about falling in love with one. The rapper later revealed that the song was based on a true story and at this point in his career, it still stands as one of the most notable tracks in his extensive catalog. It's a song that continues to stand the test of time and if you're at a strip club, chances are you'll hear the song at some point. Unfortunately, T-Pain's been made aware of some slander that's been going on in the locker rooms and he sent a PSA to put an end to it.

T-Pain took to Twitter last night during a recent visit to a strip club in Chicago. He first asked his followers if they were down for some drunk tweets which was followed by some information he got from a girl in the club. Apparently, strippers are warning each other not to go to T-Pain's section because he doesn't have money. However, he made it clear that's not the case at all.

"This chick just told me all the strippers in the locker room are saying “don’t waste your time going to TPain’s section because he doesn’t have money anymore” I got 15k to spend on their slowest night lol. Never mind," he wrote. 

He then gave the harsh truth that just because someone isn't spending money on them, doesn't mean they don't have money. They simply wish not to spend it on them.

"Exotic dancers. Pls stop thinking that if somebody won’t spend money on you that they don’t have money." He wrote. "You’re not what they’re looking for. Deal with that. I can’t get Mad if somebody won’t buy my music if they’re not a fan. Welcome to the world and how it works."

Peep his tweets below.