T-Pain has made an undeniable impression on the music industry, and while not everyone has been accepting of his style, there are many who recognize the extent of his influence.

Currently a veteran in the game, Pain has taken to offering insight and perspective to young artists, often by way of his Twitch stream. Lest we forget his recent -- and hilarious -- rant about originality, which went on to earn a co-sign from Dr. Dre. Now, T-Pain has once again come forward to drop some jewels, this time taking a moment to credit some of the artists who helped guide him on his journey.


Mark Davis/Getty Images 

"Devin taught me how to mix records and keep it simple," begins T-Pain, taking to Twitter. "3k and Cee Lo taught me I don’t have to limit myself to the sound ppl are used to and I can wear whatever I want while doin it. Banner and Busta taught me how to put on a real live show. Personal influence > public opinion."

It's unclear as to whether or not these lessons were gleaned from afar, or if T-Pizzle spent some time with the artists first-hand. Either way, it's cool to see him paying homage to the influence of Andre 3000, Cee Lo Green, David Banner, and Busta Rhymes -- as well as an artist who may or may not be Devin The Dude, although that much is unclear.  

Check out T-Pain's recent celebratory post below, and hit the comments if you think the "Buy You A Drank" legend deserves more respect in the greater hip-hop discourse.