The auto-tune wars rage on. T-Pain caused a stir a few months back when he seemingly dissed Future, smugly labeling him the "New T-Pain" and suggesting that the Pluto rapper had woken up in "the old T-Pain's Bugatti." The "All I Do Is Win" hookman then clarified that while he did have respect for Future's songwriting, his issue with the rapper was that he did not use auto-tune properly.

In a shocking new development, T-pain has now revealed that the Bugatti in the video for Ace Hood's collaboration with Future was literally his car, which he specifically lent to Hood for the shoot. “It’s mine—they used it for the video,” he clarified. “That’s really my car in the video. I wasn’t dissing nobody [although] everybody thought I was dissing.”

The rapper turnt singer even expressed interest in collaborating with Future, but noted that the "Turn On The Lights" crooner may have to make room in his schedule to work with him. “He’s much more busy than I am, but I’m pretty sure he can find some time,” he said. “I’m chilling at the house, sitting on my ass collecting checks, so as soon as he’s got some time.”

Watch the "Bugatti" video below.