T-Pain is easily one of hip-hop's most charismatic personalities, having endeared himself to the masses through a variety of live stream content. As it happens, T-Pain is among the game's most active gamers, and it would appear he's been shoring up on his Call Of Duty skills these days. And while there are millions who play Activision's wildly popular multiplayer shooter, every so often, a few unsavory characters pollute the communal voice chat with vile hate speech.

T-Pain recently found himself faced with a team of racists, openly stating "fu*k Black Lives Matter" and firing off racial slurs with a smugness oft-reserved for online anonymity. T-Pain was not fazed in the slightest by the disturbing language, opting to return the favor by absolutely obliterating their entire team.


T Pizzle shared the clip of his domination on TikTok, prefacing his streak by warning "one of these muthafuc*as is on that n***a shit and I want all of them." As his kills begin piling up, T-Pain's energy rises. "I want every single fuc*ing one of them! I want it all!" he cries, mowing them down without mercy. "I WANT EVERY PART OF IT!" he screams, pushing his microphone to its limits. "I WANT THE WHOLE THING! KEEP TALKIN THAT N***A SHIT!"

Upon successfully purging the now-silent band of bigots from the game, he issues a demand. "I want you to delete the black skins from your muthafu*kin COD!" he states, emphasizing his point with further in-game bloodshed. "I WANT IT ALL!" Upon finalizing his victory, T-Pain is visibly satisfied after doling out justice, and rightfully so. "Looks like the n***as won, stupid idiots," he taunts, proving that racists, like cheaters, never prosper. 

Check out T-Pain's absolute domination below, and show some love to one of the most down-to-earth voices in the game. May he continue to find success on the servers, wielding the sword of justice against any bigot begging to be struck down. 


Shutting down some racists in Call of Duty

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