For some time now, rumors have been circulating that T-Pain and his wife, Amber Najm, have an open marriage. TMZ added fuel to the fire when they previously caught the rapper leaving a club in Los Angeles and asked him about how other men can convince their ladies to let them bring other women home for a bit of fun. "You can't do the convincing," the rapper said at the time. "You gotta let her do it. We didn't come up on it like, 'Oh baby, I wanna go do this with other girls.' No, it was her choice."

Since then, T-Pain and Amber have been added to media outlets' lists of celebrity couples who have open marriages. Taking the time to clear up the longtime rumor, T-Pain told People that there is no such thing going on in his household. “It’s definitely not that, not at all, not even close,” he said. “I wouldn’t even want to do that with a girlfriend, nonetheless my wife.”

The pair, who share three children: daughter Lyriq, 15, and sons Muziq, 12, and Kaydnz, 9, are coming up on their 16th wedding anniversary and T-Pain offered up some advice on how to build a long-lasting marriage. “See things from all sides of the situation, and just try to understand each other rather than try to be the one that’s right,” he explains.

The rapper also told the publication that his proudest career moment didn't come from topping the charts or sharing the stage with artists that he's admired his entire life, but having the opportunity to provide for his family. “Being able to afford diapers and food — that was a great moment,” he says. “I think that’s always going to be my proudest moment — figuring out how to provide for my family. Awards are always great, but in the long run, it doesn’t really say who you are. I’m more concerned about my family, my kids and my wife and making sure I can provide. There’s nothing more grounding than being with family to bring you back from all the highs and the thousands of people every night.”