T-Pain dropped some serious bangers in 2016. Take for instance the Lil Yachty assisted "Dan Bilzerian" or his recent super hype anthem "Feel Like I'm Haitian." Both tracks are super fire, but one has to wonder, how does this guy continue to do it?

Well apparently for T-Pain, making hit tracks is as easy as playing video games. The self proclaimed Rappa Ternt Sanga claims that, "The gaming is therapeutic."

He says that whenever he gets stuck on a lyric or melody he just turns on his console and lets the games get his creative juices flowing.

While I’m playing, it’ll be a flash of a few lyrics and, ‘Oh s**t, I just came up with a smash (hit)’. I’m not concentrating on making a smash or making a hit or making any kind of music – I’m just sittin’ here living. If it’s like a GTA (Grand Theft Auto) V or like a Watch Dogs 2 (video game), you’re gonna think about these things… you’re gonna think about fucking chicks and tasing the fuck out of people, and you’re gonna make a song about it! There’s no writer’s block when you’re playing video games, man.

We can only imagine what the artist was playing while recording famous singles like "Buy U A Drank" and "Bartender."

You can check out the full interview here.