T-Pain's lasting influence in music often goes overlooked. So much so that one of our writers even felt compelled to write a whole piece defending the auto-tune pioneer's legacy. So much so that someone had the audacity to make a whole website dedicated to collecting slanderous tweets about T-Pain, tragically titled fucktpain.com. However, the joke is now on whichever malicious creature created this site because T-Pain himself has bought it over to benefit his own pockets (well, maybe the joke isn't entirely on the website creator because they got compensated for their cruelty). 

The "Bartender" hitmaker appeared to have first discovered the site back in November. At the time, he tweeted: "Fuck T-Pain I guess lol........ I bought everything so feel free to uhhh...... ya know..... definitely buy something." On Sunday (Feb. 16), he sent out a reminder to his followers that he had co-opted this disparaging collage of tweets to redirect traffic to his own webstore. "k so here’s wht happened," he explained. "My dawg sent me the http://fucktpain.com link and instead of trying to take it down and hurt the person that put time into making the site. I simply purchased it from them and now all the profit comes to me. Got it? So buy it up!! I’d appreciate it."

Since T-Pain is such a stand-up dude, clearly committed to spreading positivity, go support him by copping some merch if you can. The t-shirts available all play on the "Fuck T-Pain" theme but there's nothing wrong with wearing something ironically. Love live T-Pain!