T-Pain, fresh off the release of his new album Oblivion, hit up The Breakfast Club to not only discuss and promote the new release but other shenanigans that have him in the news-- namely, his business dispute with the Birdman/Cash Money camp.

T-Pain claims that he's owed approximately $500,000 over unpaid royalties from his contributions to Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III albums in a recent lawsuit. His company, Nappy Boy Productions, is suing Young Money. While that may sound like something to beef over, during the interview with The Breakfast Club he sounds super relaxed and unbothered by the whole situation.

When Charlamagne asks who T-Pain blames for his lack of payment, Pain takes the blame himself. "Me, I never pressed for it, I was never like yo where's that check?" He adds non-chalantly,  "I dunno, it's business man, it's just happening. I waited long enough."

Although the legal documents have been filed, T-Pain still isn't really worried about when he'll receive the money. "I'm still not pressing, I still haven't talked to my lawyer about it." He's also adamant that this business dispute won't affect his personal relationship with either Baby or Weezy, saying, "It's business, it ain't got nothing to do with me and Bird's relationship, with me and Wayne's relationship. It'd be the same thing if the roles were reversed."

During the rest of the interview, T-Pain talks about his infamous BIG ASS CHAIN (which we recently shouted out in our Most Ridiculous Chains list, rightly so). The singer regrets the insane purchase, and reveals he melted it down at one point, and then lost it-- but doesn't seem to care, because evidently he has a bunch of chains just lying around the house for his family to stumble upon. "My wife always hits me, like, hey, I was cleaning up downstairs I found two chains." (Which prompts Charlamagne to make a 2 Chainz joke, obviously).

Check out the full sit-down below.