T.I. has been outspoken on his views on gun control in the past, and in a new interview with Hot 93.7 he tackles the subject once more.

 While talking on air to DJ Buck & Nancy Barrow, Tip spoke on gun control, as well as his success with his Trouble Manalbum, and how he approaches each day.

“I try to prioritize and delegate responsibilities whenever possible,” he continued, “I just generally try to wake up and be a better person today than I was yesterday. I want to be able to oversee all of the things that I need to have happen, [to make sure] they are happening…  [But] I trust my team.”

  “The game overall has changed,” The veteran rapper said, explaining his work ethic let his LP climb the charts.  “A lot of times the new cats just want to put a song out, and go straight to the top, and not do the work that comes with it… I am conditioned. This is the way I know it to be.”

He continued to discuss gun control, and explain what he thinks needs to happen.

“I think as much as we can afford to be in place, should be done,” he explained. “I think there should be some adjustments made to the criteria that must be made in order for you to be allowed to have [a gun].” 

The Atlanta native continued, “I think the complete overall ban of firearms [is] a bad idea simply because if you do that, then you say the only people who are going to have guns, are the ones willing to break the law to keep them.  That means you are putting the guns in the hands of only the criminals.”