T.I. seems to be becoming more business conscious than ever. The ATL rapper is currently independent, and seeking out a major label deal, but is looking to collect at least 8 figures for the signing. In a recent interview, Tip talked about both his ambitious deal plans, and his caution with endorsements after Rick Ross and Lil Wayne have been dropped.

"Endorsements come from corporations and corporations, that's outside dollars," said Tip, arguing that rappers have to be "mindful" of what their endorsements represent. "That means that's money that you would not normally be making if you were not associated with this brand. So if you gone be associated with this brand, you gonna have to be associated with this brand and have them be associated with pride in whatever it is you do. So, it's kinda like you've got to be mindful of things you say if you choose to take in money from outside sources."

T.I. was confident that he could make money without the help of outside sources however, as he has chosen to stay independent until he is given an offer from a label he feels is fair. All the records like 'Memories Back Then'... and I'm gonna drop a record with Wayne we already shot the video. That's independently promoted. Everything coming out my pocket." he revealed.

Tip said that he has had no lack of interest from labels, but he just requires more money than most are offering. "Everybody wants to be in business. They just don't want to pay to be in business," he said, revealing "you're not gonna get any king on your record for anything less than 8 figures."

"You got recording industry, you got publishing, touring, publishing, merch, film, fashion, technology. That's 8 areas of business right currently I am generating streams of revenue from. If you want to participate in all 8 of thos ethings, it's gonna cost you 50-60 million." he declared. If you only want one or two of those things to come to the table for 12-15 million we can talk about that two, but we aren't gonna talk about no 1s and 2s."

The rapper expressed that he would use his independent releases, such as the new Hustle Gang mixtape as proof of his worth. "If you need to be incentivized to cut this kind of big ass cheque that's when I do my own records," he said, adding confidently, "we'll see who else you'd rather sign, who else can do what I do?"

Watch the interview below.