T.I. has been going all out media-wise with promo for his new album, Trouble Man, which dropped yesterday. Interviews with Tip abound, and in this new one with Hot 97 he touches on topics not related to the LP, for a change of pace.

Everyone is quite familiar with T.I.'s run-ins with the law, and his time served. While talking to Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg, the Kang addresses gun control in relation to the recent Connecticut shooting. Tip has no problem speaking his mind on the subject.

"This is my problem with stepping in right now, in the ban of anything. Then see what that does is, it means that only the criminals are going to be allowed to have this particular item. 'Cause right it's crimianls that can't have assault  rifles, pistols, or nothing, and they got 'em and they know they can't have them. So you think if they ban 'em it's gunna be double illegal for me now? I'm still gunna carry mine. So if the illegals have 'em, I think the legals must have 'em. Because at this point now, the ban of assault rifles, and the need of asssault rifles, it depends on the area in the country you are."

The Atlanta native continued, "I'm saying that the policies and procedures that are in the place, they are in place to protect America from the people that look like us. If you get one felony, and this, that, and the other. And all these people doing massacres ain't no felonies. I'm just saying that the people that look like me aren't necessarily the ones to be looked at. "

In the second half of his interview he speaks on allegations of being snitch, and explains he sticks by the G code. He also explains what a "Paperwork Party" is in prison and more. Check it out below.

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