Trinidad James sparked a minor controversy this year when he suggested that southern hip hop "ran" New York. We heard some responses from NY artists on the comments (Maino most visibly), but haven't heard from anyone from Atlanta, who Trinidad seemed to be speaking for.

In a new interview with ThisIs50, T.I. spoke of his fellow ATL rapper's views, clearly stating that while he had no problems with James, he felt he could not speak for the entire region. "This is not a derogatory statement towards Trinidad, but [he] can't speak for me," said Tip. "Since I am a part of Atlanta, I don't think it's adequate that he speak for the entire population of Atlanta."

The Trap Muzik rapper suggested that Trinidad may be too new in the industry to make such sweeping statements. "With all due respect," he began, "I don't think he's come that far and walked that walk to enough--yet to where that would be accepted without ridicule."

Watch the full interview below.