Judging by his recent proposal for a $75 Million deal, T.I. thinks he's worth a lot. Turns out it's to the point that his own son may have to pay for a verse from him! 

T.I. spoke with VladTV about his son's aspirations as a rapper. "I used to tell [my son], 'This not good enough.' But now, he played something for me last night, and he's on the fast track. Now I can listen to it, and take it seriously."

Tip revealed that even once his kid has the necessary skills to work with him, it's not gonna be free. "I tell my son, 'You can't afford me,'" he said, adding, "I'll give him a discount. I'll work with him."

On the reasoning behind his strict policies on his children's music career, the rapper expressed that he wants them to have an organic ascent into success. "I want to make sure he has no delusion in his mind that just because you're T.I.'s son, that entitles you to certain things that other people have to pay for." he explained. 

Either way, it won't be for some time that Tip's kids get a leg up in th erap world. "I tell mine, 'You gotta work your way up to me, man. You gotta go do some verses with some other people, first. Then come back. ...You think you can walk in here and just have a song with T.I.? What have you done?"

Watch the full interview below.