Tip really seems to have begun carefully promoting and forming his Hustle Gang crew as of late. The rapper and his crew dropped their first collaborative effort together, G.D.O.D., just this week, and preceded it with several group interviews. In a new interview with Tip and Hustle Gang, T.I. does most of the talking as he discusses his upcoming tour with Lil Wayne, and also reveals a bunch of artists he's considering adding to Hustle Gang.

T.I. is heading on the road soon for the "America's Most Wanted" tour, which was originally featuring Future, but it seems now 2 Chainz has taken his place. "It was Future, and something happened, and Future pulled, he disassociated himself from the tour for whatever reason, and it's still love, ain't no problem with that. But now Chain on there. Me, Wayne and [2 Chainz]," T.I. said.

Tip also gave his perspective on endorsements, given the recent drama with Rick Ross' endorser and Lil Wayne's. "Endorsements come from corporations, and corporations, that's outside dollars. That means, that's money you would not normally be making if you were not associated with this brand, so if you gunna be associated with this brand...you gonna have them be associated with pride, in whatever it is that you do," T.I. offered some advice. "So you gotta be mindful of the things you say if you chose to take money in from outside sources.

The Atlanta rapper and friend of Weezy continued, "But me knowing Tune, I know Tune ain't mean no harm in what he said. He was just kicking flame. You gotta really be in our life and of our lifestyle, to understand how we can kinda unplug and just kind be on our own shit sometimes."

Finally, the King of the South wrapped up the Hoodrich interview by naming the artists he's been in talks with about Hustle Gang. "I got my eyes on a couple cats, I'm going at them," T.I. said. "One, very familiar to everyone, go by the name of Yo Gotti. We may be able to work together...Another cat by the name of Problem, out in the West Coast...I been talking to Jeremih, tryna see how he can involve himself with this Hustle. I've been talking to Kirko [Bangz] too."

Which artist would you like to see in Hustle Gang? 

Check out the full interview below.