T.I. has been receiving a lot of good attention lately, over his new album Trouble Man, but there was also some negativity towards his cover art. 

The cover art is an illustration which depicts Tip holding a gun, simply put. But T.I. explains to MTV News that it's not just a 'gun,' it's more like a metaphor if you look closely.

On whether or not he is indeed holding a pistol, Tip explained, "A metaphorical, creative, conceptual gun that represents all of the things in life that can get a man in trouble in the form of what one can consider a gun, however not a real gun."

He continued to defend the art, "And that was not even a real pose, that was an illustration. So if it was a real gun that would've just been a real gun that they drew in the hand of someone that looks very similar to T.I."

The Kang concluded, "But it was a drawing, there was not a gun being held in any photo shoot, anywhere and I want everybody to make sure that they know that and get that very, very clear and understood, OK."

Check out the art below. What did you guys think of it?